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Brain Blisters
I forgot my shades so the sun must have blistered my brain
I forgot my umbrella so my mind starts to melt in the rain
I forgot the directions so we got pretty lost in the night
You forgot to remind me that I promised that we'd never fight
so we fight
and we fight & fight
So I got pretty angry when I found out it all was a lie
We can keep on pretending that we're gonna end it but why
oh why oh why oh why

I took a photograph
from the air
it showed me everywhere
they had their secret lairs
I had to have a laugh
they had a spot
it seemed to get so hot
that the whole jungle rots
yo I saw through fertile eyes
took the waste
of the whole human race
and made a shiny paste
through photosynthesize
they grew some shit
that made you lose your wits
and said don't funk with it
it had a funky feel
stunk so strong I smelled it in the sky
like a fresh baked hippie pot pie
toasted garlic poppy & rye
I learned to extract the root
melted down
we thought the earth was round
but that's just how we're bound
monkeys inside a cage
instead of prison bars
they give us VCRs
and make us move in cars
we've got to brake the spell
we learned how many years ago
it's all hidden deep inside your soul
all the stuff you don't want to know

I spent so many years all alone
With a dial tone on the other end of the phone
Now that the future inside me has grown
A perfect replication made of blood flesh and bone
Now my cover will never be blown
(check it out)
I finally got my funky ass
Well I'm made of flesh and blood
And a bit of that chemical crud
My memory's stuck in the mud
And its not just from smokin too much kind bud
Got a bit of an active mind
Never think in a straight line
cause they never gave me time to let my brain unwind
Look closely and you'll find
My creator had it signed
"Produced in conjunction with the urgency of our Dr. Funkenstein"
Well I had to realize I was created for a reason
It brought me to my knees and my synapses started seizin
I found it really pleasin to observe the changin seasons
I never knew much about the birds and the bees and
in the cryogenic lab y'know my genes were kinda freezin
Now If I committed treason its cause I'm really from the stars
Not Jupiter or Mars but a place that's really far
I mean further than these measly little cars will ever take you
Oh for goodness sake they're gonna make you take a break and then
they're never gonna wake you
And it isnt' like we're livin in a dream
you know I think that it seems
that y'all are playin for the wrong team
I'm a crazy motherfucker with a scheme
I'm a psychedelic fiend
gonna make the world scream
but you know what?
there's always room for ice cream!
& I think that it's time that we all had some dessert
I'm sick of all the pain and all the hurt
I'm better off inert
I'd like to live beneath the dirt
but I can't cause we're going on a full red alert
the lights are flashing and my mind is going WOW
I guess that means the time to strike is NOW
's funny cause I still remember my vow
Well it was many years ago now
First they cloned a sheep and then they cloned a cow
and now they'll create crazy creatures mother nature shouldn't allow
cause my cat goes RUFF and my dog goes meow
and my hamster's been singing me the chow chow chow
Now how did the planet get to be so out of control
it seems that the goal is to dig a deeper and deeper hole
but before we get to that you know let's smoke another bowl
My soul must exist although it's just a replication
an exact duplicate of a collection of vibrations
raised from the dead through advance resuscitation
through the art of jubilation
and extreme excitation
I'm taking a vacation
from the life of litigation
an emancipation proclamation
for the founding of a new nation

Come Into My World
Back before time
Almighty Zion
Brought forth the kind
Couldn't make up his mind
Saw it as a sign
Drew the line
What's mine is mine
Took whatever I could find
No longer whole
Forgot what to do with my soul
Devil got a remote control in the back of my skull
I rolled & I rolled & packed bowl after bowl
And lost clear sight of my ultimate goal
I forgot how to fly in my dreams
I was surprised to learn that they tortured cows to make ice cream
As I bit into a triple decker cone
No blood shed
but I could taste every cry and moan
Understood how hard it is to live right
Looked into the light
So bright
Nearly lost my eyesight
Couldn't wait for the darkness to turn day into night
And a voice in the back of my head kept saying:
Stopped prayin
Colors turned completely gray &
I lost my way in
The devil kept sayin
Head's on fire
with desire
Listen to the liar
Leadin the parade like the town crier
Shoutin orders
Settin up borders
Even though I swore to God
I couldn't afford to
give up my aorta
It was sorta like my heart stopped beating for a moment
Completing its retreating
All too willing to take another beating
The dark side of the Force
Of course
A divorce
Had to go straight to the source
I awoke to a vision of a brand new day
Sun Ray
One look and I see and I say
Hey hey hey
Made the devil look away
Gonna be a bright bright sunshiney day said Trey
Gonna play in the sunshine
A billion stars shine in the night
Burn bright during the day
but we can't see cause the light
Almighty Sun
burns so bright we see only One
I take flight
like an angel
grow wings outa my spine
Reaching higher towards the fire
strange designs in the backa my mind
some sorta sign
The sky was all purple and the clouds were raining wine
The earth
growin all sortsa four leaf clovers
pushed its luck
Whole world went completely amok
In a frenzy they fucked
Copulated married & mated
Mutu-ally masturbated
Brought forth related
I waited elevated
For a sign of the created
and highly elated
Watched as the material world faded
Can't get your life pro-rated
I coulda swore it was God Himself that stated

Creature Double Feature
I never thought I'd see the day
that I was working for the government
got an all access pass
to the heart of the establishment
never thought I'd get to know
how to violate procedure
got a front row seat
to the creature double feature
Never thought I'd see the face
of a monster in the mirror
got to close my eyes
to make the image clearer
Never thought I'd understand
why certain things are kept a secret
I've learned the lie beneath the truth
and I'm trying not to leak it
Never thought I'd live to see
something short of a solution
I got the wrong idea
and it's confusing my illusions

If I tell you something
Promise not to laugh
Your mind is just a needle
& God's a phonograph
We see all dimensions
We see all of time
We're all secret agents
we're all super spies
Can I tell you something
Can you comprehend
Your life is just beginning
As it's about to end
I can tell your fortune
But you don't want to know
What you have to do and
Where you gotta go
Well you can look through time with cryst-all-eyes
The reflection makes you realize
Life is more than what you recognize
People come in every shape & size
Naked underneath those suits and ties
But their minds got sort of mesmerized
Old and stupid become young and wise
When they look inside with cryst-all-eyes
We see
for you
We know
what you want to do
Did God make this puzzle
Or is he in the game?
No matter what the question
The answer's still the same
You can pray to Jesus
or you can play with me
I'm just a screwy wabbit
who's weally wrascally
Looking through this cryst-all
You'll see many sights
Cause life is a reflection
Of the cryst-all's light
If you have a question
better ask it now
we're with the spirit that
lives inside a cow

What you feel
is always so surreal
what you see
comes from inside a tree
what you know
is to become just what you're not
is that you look the other way

Dark Feast
Designed vines make strawberry wine
and it tastes just like we made it with some gin & lime
Supplied the line till they said it was a crime
and they said that we just made to destroy your minds
Near beer with a shot of everclear
We produced a couple cases then they disappeared
Weird ears wasn't like I couldn't hear
But when I listened to it more clearly then I'm switching gears
I dimed the kind that stunk like porcupine
and it felt like pins and needles up and down my spine
Grind divine apply rye and we're flyin
and you'll find that your perspective begins multiplying
Revered beard wasn't bioengineered
and it looked like it's been growing for a million years
We're pioneers looking for a new career
but I'm just volunteering on the new frontier

Darkest Hemispheres
Far away places
Lies the master of darkness
Constructor of empty spaces
Separator of races
Consumer of lost souls
Has many names and ever changing faces
Highly contagious
He must form the basis
Of the brutality of life
Oh for goodness gracious
let me be free from the darkness
let me find an oasis of light
If I can just put up a fight
Then every little thing's gonna be alright
It takes just a little light
Just takes one star to make a wish
But the star's so hot
it'll make you burn if you're selfish
It may be hard to accomplish
But I'll go to hell trying
I'm not afraid of dying
Devil & God are going to be vying for my soul
You know it's gonna be a cold day in hell
When I step my foot into that place again
I was there once and lived to tell
To warn the human race
One look at me
and I froze the devil's face into a smile
He looked as happy as a child
And I was just using the mildest part of my power
Just wait another hour
and i'll have him trading in his pitchfork for a flower
Gonna make him run & cower
Beneath the ground
I'm bound to take his sorry ass down
Without taking a sound
and i've found that the devil don't take kindly to destruction
I followed my instructions
it's simply just a function of living proper
dropping bombs from the helicopter
cause old mother earth
is coming back to claim her turf
and nothing's gonna stop her
so you might as well just rock her

I see demons in disguise
we listen to their lies
rise above them to the sky
Doesn't anybody see it but me
how everybody in the land of the free
is enslaved by the paper money
Well I walked through the middle of the night
it really wasn't feeling quite right
I saw sights
you never want to see
Hanging out late
in the land of the free
in the wee small
hours of the morning
everybody's gone &
I see demons dawnin'
Got them in my sight
first I'm
right behind
then I'm
up above
watching them
watching everyone
watch out
the demons love
to hypnotize
the demons see
through demon eyes
and I can see
through their disguise
though they may try to hide
I don't believe
I don't believe
I don't believe
I don't believe
I don't believe
it was only yesterday
I don't believe
that it's only a week away
and we're weak today
depending on when they say
we fall back
and I fall apart
a new day is gonna start
and everybody's gonna play their part
the demon seed's been planted
going just the way they planned it
well I know you couldn't imagine
that behind this incredible pageant
living demons in disguise

Dinosaur Bones
Well I got news for you all
while y'all was out playin
deep in the heart of the earth there's decaying
if you look hard enough you might find some
dinosaur bones
so I dug down deep
inside this world
now long asleep
green monsters creep
I took what was left and rolled up a
dinosaur bone
And we burn (all that's left)
and we burn (it's alright)
and we burn
burn burn burn burn
burn the last of the dinosaurs

I never thought I'd be a superhero
Countdown to zero
I never thought I'd be a mental patient
Took a ride
inside a spaceship & I
never thought I'd have an understanding
of the secret world
where planes stop landing
I never thought I'd see my dreams come true now
Set the table
and put the food out
I always knew I was divisionary
I'm the muffin man
with nuts and berries
I always knew I was a trouble maker
I'm baking cakes
to help you wake up
I almost tried to start a revolution
until I saw
I liked pollution
So I decide to let the world go under
rock the block
return to plunder
I always rooted for the supervillans
Mr. Freeze was always chillin
I always knew I'd be the ice cream man
we'll tour Japan in my nice dream land
I'm always making special treats no dairy
They'll help you see, but it's sometimes scary
I always knew life was a bed of roses
fuck your skull & see like Moses
I always thought i'd wander through the desert
add an 's' double your pleasure
I always waited for the new tomorrow
full of hope & full of sorry
I always knew that only some would make it
cut the rest - don't try to fake it
i always knew that i'd see revelations
catastrophes will destroy all nations
I always knew that we'd emerge much brighter
the light inside's a little lighter
I always knew we'd live inside the stars
oxygen from the caves of Mars
I always knew that I'd forgotten something
got Chinese eyes from frying dumplings
I always wondered why they split the atom
power plants so just imagine
I always knew I grew light in my headie
got Jerry curls yo check out my dreadies

Down in Flames
We're going down in flames
No time to explain
No one to blame
Nothing to gain
It's all the same
Got drunk on champagne
empty contained
filled it up with propane
hell fire rain
we had no sense of shame
I'm in the dragon's brain
Crystalline veins
spyral developing
engulfing tornados
reminding revolving
It looked like DNA
filtered sun ray
exposing the frozen dimensions
unlocking the fluid
to make a tidal wave
a watery grave
population implosion reduction producing illusions
destroying delusions & flooding confusion
do I need to explain?
Let's pop the champagne
We're toasting the planet
took granite for granted
our struggles expanded
just like we demanded
they planed it
to make out like bandits
It all got rearranged
it wasn't self-contained


Here's the 411
Easter Sunday 2004
Karmageddon's just 8 years away
and we're going through the motions every single day
Time for the Easter Bunny to come out and play!


Eye of the Pyramid
I'm looking through
the eye in the pyramid
people appearing to
question what you're hearing
nobody ever taught me how to make gold out of nothing
keep pretending that it's worth something
but is it?
there's no time
like the present
given to us
instead of living our lives
we live theirs
not mine and yours
better off down on all fours
better off down on your knees
(or with disease)
better off saying please please please
won't you take my heart in yours
for one moment
because one day
there will be no more time
there will be no more yours
there will be no more mine
there will be only one single kind
solo mind
divine lines running up our spines
connecting the future
better leave the past behind

everything you learned about life is true
there's me and he and she and you
everything you learned about life is false
there's rough and smooth and hard and soft
everything you learned about life is real
there's what you earn beg borrow and steal
everything you learned about life is fake
there's live and learn and give and take
everything you learned about life is lost
there's the price you pay it's what life costs
everything you learned about life is found
there's the sun and the earth and the air and the ground
and it all keeps spinning around and around
Fun-gu Warrior
Well I weathered the storm
I flew with a swarm of nanodentrites
lit up ethereal light
warm water flooded the test sites
my beard turned white so i looked like Santa

Gosh Darn It
Well Gosh Darn It!
I'm just a dog gone varmint!
Well Dag nab it!
I'm just a silly rabbit
who's got a couple of bad habits
Gotta take that shit to the lab
it's some kind of crystal gel
well that doesn't ring a bell
but we'll put you in a cell
then you're going straight to hell
gonna wish you never fell
down that crazy rabbit's well
but if you think that well was deep
wait until you fall asleep
in your dreams we're gonna creep
while you're busy counting sheep
that look like marshmallow peeps
well I learned a trick or two
making many out of few
he had shown me what to do
every chimney has a flue
so i acted like a mole
and i dug myself a hole
i felt like a gummy worm
but then the earth began to burn
it put my dreadies in a perm
i must have made a wrong left turn
in albaquerqy

Hip Hop Hippie
HHH - I'm as trippy as a moldy piece of rye bread
HHH - got the vibes from several lives stored in my dreads

Hippity Hoppin
i'm hippie hop
like the easter bunny
i make my chocolates kinda funny
getting kids spunny
won't cost you any money honey
we're just
hippity hoppin
if you told me to start
i'll end up stoppin
if you told me to drip
you know i'll end up droppin
if you order a pizza
i'll get all the toppings
if you do the hip-hop then we'll be
hippity hoppin
i'm from philly like schooly
but you know i'm not a mouly
i met a hippie named jewelie
smelled just like patchouli
picked her up after schoolie
we got a little bit unruly
beats pumpin
bass throbbin
feet tappin
heads bobbin
i'm batman
and she's robin
we were riding around town and we were
hippity hoppin
My name is hippiehop
Today is sunny
I took a fresh hit off the one-y
We went trick or treatin & you know what's funny?

I said I come from the land of darkness
I come from the land of doom
I come from right here in Philly
from the land of the big balloons
I'm a hybrid
shapeshifter - chameleon
I've been caught stealin other people's feelings
been too busy wheelin & dealin
to notice all the rodents squealin
listen to what i'm revealin
I'm part lizard
hid my true self like the Wizard of Oz
Because they told me the world was round
I got lost
turned & tossed
I was ordered & bossed around
but then I found
that most of the earth is underground
listen to the sound
So I focused
learned some hocus pocus
the frog in my throat almost croaked us
busy buzzin like aa swarm of locusts
taking a toke while they smoked us
the burning sensation awoke us
I'm a clone
that means I'm never alone
cause I've grown a telephone
dial tone in my bones
I supposed if you put a hose in my nose
it would grow like Pinnochio's
I'm a liar
musta gotten crossed in the wires
situation is dire
wolf bloody in the briar
I got wings - I'm a flyer
been swinging like a tire in the old oak tree
...in the backyard
...in the summertime
...drinking lemonade
...I've got no memories like that, I'm afraid

Been studying ways to make a prophet
Built myself a rocket
Moves so fast ya can't even clock it
Hickory Dickory Dock
It's time to get the fuck off this rock
The first split second will give you somewhat of a shock
Had a session with Babak
Way back in the days
The haze gave me a million ways
To find my way out of this maze
Its amazing how easy it is to get lost
When you're burning exhaust
Like burning Jews in the Holocaust
You can blame it on Faust
Or even Jack Frost
You can blame it on the cavity creeps so you better make sure to floss
What's thirteen across?
A five letter word on top of spaghetti
and you better not be callin it sauce
I'm a vampire and the blood from your neck tastes like gravy
I think that just maybe
If I hadn't spent so much time in the arcade we
Wouldn't be travellin through hyperspace
Watching my windshield wipers
spin around like they was dancing to Piper
I'm the rapid touch typer
Ten thousand words per minute
Gotta have super speed if you wanna keep on truckin' with it
Good luck and I think that it's time we went completely amok
Yo get out the tank from the trunk
I'll load up the bong with the skunk
Bust out the Jim and the Jack and we'll all get real drunk
I thought and I thunk and I listened to Monk
I slipped into funk and my spaceship was sunk
Like a donut makin an early morning slam dunk in my coffee
I'm a conehead like Mister Softee
I'm a bonehead like Scooby
Rollin up the doobie-doobie-do
Exchanging glances
Got optical powers like Mister Magoo
Got a suit made of rubber
And a gun that shoots glue like the Trapster
Whatever you do bounces off of me and sticks to you like plaster
I'm the funky spell caster
Here to overthrow the master
I'm an honest-to-God bona fide a hundred percent natural disaster
Its time to kick the motherfuckin break in
I fought with my fake &
Tried to make him awaken
I'm a vegetarian but I love the smell of bacon
Or the herbs on a fresh baked Jamaican
I'm not looking for a way just to rake in the dough
I'm looking for someone who knows
The proper info to uplift humanity's soul
So bust out the bowl
We gotta dig our way out of this hole
Make a diamond from this ugly lump of coal
There's magic in mold
There's evil in gold
There's no point in playin the game if you're just gonna fold
Comin' in from the cold
Gonna conquer like Kull
I've been told that the past tense of soul isn't sold
I'm not a sell out cause nobody's buyin
Learned the art of death defyin
From the ancient Mayans
Gotta get my ship flyin
Cause there's no point in lyin here cryin
I'll spend the rest of my God forsaken life tryin
To get back into orbit
Sting the sultan like a hornet
Flush that little piece of shit down the toilet
Like an alligator living in the sewer
Terrorizing my pursuers
Shish-kabob them with a skewer
Well fewer than forty days and forty nights had elapsed
When my computer let out its last gasp
It was performing a task
Quite incomprehensible
And not particularly sensible
In fact it was a little bit reprehensible
I had a utensil that'll
Correct a discrepency in the mental chamber
Of my particle rearranger
My central processor will be out of danger
As pure as Jesus in the manger
If you thought he was crazy well I'm more insane-er
But just before I opened the container
Up walked a park ranger
My momma told me "Don't talk to ztrangerz!"
But this kind stranger offered to help
Had a laser beam on his utility belt
Caused my central cortex to split open and melt
I felt gratitude part of my new attitude
I said later dude
Now I gotta go shoot down the Space Invaders
Running rings around Saturn I follow no pattern
Disregarding longitude and latitude
Everybody's looking for the ladder
Have a party but you'd better make sure that there's food
Have it catered
Now before we get sued by Billy Squier
Hit the fader

i got fire in my belly
fire in my soul
i took some pyrotechnic jelly
and i put it in my bowl
tore me a new asshole
shocked and persuaded my soul
just playing my role
in rearranging the poles
it's time to realign
and sometimes it takes force
to set this ship back on course
i got a little bit hoarse
cause i was screaming so much
plus i burned my throat upon a dutch
you don't even want to know what we put in the punch
cause i'm a chemical warrior
blew up my laboratory
had a good cover story
about spreading god's glory
spent my days in memorial
went through the beauracratic maze
started off in janitorial
cleaning up other people's shit
for my last little skit
i put piranas in the toilet
a four-star general got his dick bit
threw a fucking fit
like ben & jerry
i was outa there lickety split
but it turned out they liked my gumption
and my appetite for destruction
and my exuberant consumption
they were under the assumption
that i had the skills to make it big
so i went from cleaning bathrooms
to sabotaging oil rigs
i ate figs in the desert
with osama bin laden
you know he hasn't forgotten
anything the first george bush taught him
i smoked blunts with fidel
i saw saddam inside his cell
then dick cheney took me on a guided tour of hell
i was learning to be
everything i could be
i was part of the vast government conspiracy
cause the land of the free
is enslaved by money
the dollars and cents
business industry
i was gonna make it big


I Don't See

i love
i love getting dirty
i love being clean
i love being blue
and i love being green
i love being nice
& i love being mean
& i lost all my nickels in the slot machine
i love getting stupid
& i love being wise
i loves me the breasts & the legs & the thighs
i love when i lie down
& i love when i rise
i love my impressions
& i love my disguise
i love it on credit
& i love paying cash
i love smoking the weed
& i love smoking the hash
i love dipping my toes in
& i love making a splash
i love to recycle
& i love trash
I love getting smashed
& I love being sober
I love June July August
September October

Icy Glaciers
Icy glaciers melting
flooding oceans
tidal waves
Icy people hiding
deep inside
their private caves
Icy cycles spinning
we can't all be saved
Icy cryogenic mountains
icy icy graves

I'm a Mess

Incredible Inspector

I've Come to Save the World
i've come to save the world tonight
i've come to save the world without a fight
i've come to save the world right now
i've come to save the world i'll show you how
i've come to save the world you see
i've come to save the world that's me
i've come to save the world it's true
i've come to save the world didn't you
now savin the world is a serious task
we've got some in the present and some in the past
savin the world is a serious thing
because what you take is whatever you bring

Just Drinking Juice
I got a phone call early this morning
said this'll be your only warning
get the funk out of this world
before the break a break a dawn
you better be gone
& then I heard a click & I was all alone
so I put down the phone
I should have been prepared
I should have known
I better grab a few bones for the road
So it's up to the rooftop & into my craft
which is now just a hell of a life raft
Because of the cutbacks I had to let go my whole staff
so I was out on my own
but it wasn't as if I'd never flown
but where would I go?

King of Kings
King of Kings
Lord of Lords
The sun that rises
every morning
to crystalize
the break of dawn
digging potholes
on my lawn
potential eyes
to see beyond
the spirit lies
within these songs
Will work for Buddha
& he'll work for you
for a bag of headies
or a ball of goo
Let's Get High, Jack!
I'm gonna kill everyone on this motherfucking plane
Existing through a hole in this flying windowpane
We're going up in flames I'm a bubble in your brain
Are you calling me insane?
Let me explain
Away go your troubles down the drain
Red rain pouring down like hell in a bucket
Aw fuck it
Voodoo man is truckin'
Blow you up like Dig Dug 'n'
put on your Nuggets jersey cause we're getting Mile High
blow this plane out of the sky
Ever wonder what it feels like to die?
When I saw my man Frosty I said "Let's get high, Jack!"
"What the fuck you on crack?"
That shit was wack
screwed up the whole plan
we called him the snow man
cool like Stan the Man
it's on a need to know, man
Let's take a moment to relax
I've already caused enough heart attacks

Let's Keep It Simple
rise to our mental potential
experimental dental
this body's just a rental
I'm riding ripples
get your ass wiped like Mr. Whipple
leave the life you're leading behind
like a cripple learning how to double dribble
and women's lib will
keep on playing second fiddle
you're the monkey in the middle
I got more personality than Sybil
I'm a blip
take you all on a trip
help you slip
lose your grip
cause this tiny piece of paper gone and done the double dip
I'm microscopic
engineered in the tropics
my genetics are exotic
I'm filled with bionics
& fueled entirely by the chronic
slip sliding
gonna think you all died
& went for a ride
inside you're own mind
cause the secret's a lie
and they told you you'd never realize
all the shit that they was hiding
now look at the light that's been shining all along
let it shine so strong
king kong could use it to spark his giant bong
let's raise the glass to cheech & chong
and if we don't get along
just remember the words to this song


i spent a whole life in the mine
i never should have wasted my time
i tried so hard to dig
it's a crime
and now i think i'm losing what was left of my mind
well i got a crystal bubble
and it brought me lots of trouble
found it buried in the rubble
in the middle of the night
i put it in my pocket
and it took off like a rocket
went right through my third eye socket
and i thought i saw the light
my vision was clear
and i stood like a deer
caught in the headlights
after too many beers
and it was like
on the windowpane
i got funked in the brain
like my dready lain
that shit drove me completely insane
and where were you when all this shit was going on?

More Damage to the Environment
I've done more
I've done more
I've done more
I've done more damage to the environment
I've done more damage to the environment
I've done more damage to the environment
I've done more damage to the environment in the last two minutes
than the entire Bu$h crime family has done
in the past century

Notes From the Doctor
I spent a million years on the mothership
taking notes from the doctor
taught me to respect mother earth
but also showed me how to mock her
expanded my molecules until my soul was straight from the sun
after a million years of training he said you've only just begun
to understand the power of darkness & the destruction of the night
hooked up a giant flashlight to the funky sattelite
bounced a beam inside a dream to the dark side of the moon
causing me to materialize on the planet earth on the third day of June
spend my days in various ways & at night time I went fission
took out a lease on spreading peace cause I was on a mission

Nursery Crimes
Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard
to get her poor dog a bone
when she got there the cupboard was bare
so she picked up the phone
she called Smokey Bear & asked him where
she could buy a bag of pot
"How Now Brown Cow is my dealer now"
"Yo Smokey, thanks a lot!"
she called Brown Cow
but "he's not home right now
he'll be back really soon"
"hey where'd he go?"
"yo, I don't know, I think he went out with the spoon"
Now Spoony Spoon was a crazy loon
had a cute little dish on the dark side of the moon
spent his days in various ways
listening to hippiehop's tunes
Old King Cole was a merry old soul
& a merry old soul was he
he called for his pipe
y'know he called it a bowl
and & packed it full of headies
Sing a song of sensi
a piece of rotten rye
420 blackbirds
in a hippie pot pie

Ode 2 Venus
As dawn breaks she emerges
already halfway there
I can't see her shadow
but I know it must be somewhere
I can feel reflections
from the other side of time
8 years from now
if you turn it on its side
every time this happens
the world goes through a change
this time I think
we'll reach the peak
& cross that mountain range
it's time we put a stop to this
illusion we call life
today's the day the sun decides
on venus for its wife


Omega Institute

One World
This is one world
I'd like to leave behind
one world government
enslaved hive mind
This is one world
I wish would leave me alone
one world army
crushing skulls & breaking bones
This is one world
I wish that I'd forget
I'll let this whole world pass me by
while I smoke another cigarette
This is one world
I wish I understood
I can tell my right from my left
But I can't tell bad from good
This is one world
That I can see right through
Saw my Alpha-Bits spell out
This is one world
That I'll remember well
Full of ancient curses
and brand new magic spells
This is one world
I like to look ahead
Everybody picked the new lizard king
while I stayed home dreaming in bed

Open the Door
Open the door
We've got room for one more
Some space left on the floor
So open the door
and walk right through
We'll show you something new
A double me
and a triple you
A yellow sky
And a son who's blue
He's in disguise
with a fu manchu
You recognize
what you think's a clue
Cause he's so wise
but I thought you knew
It's time to rise up
with his crew

Past Lies
i don't believe i'm ever going to die
the whole concept just seems wrong
well the joke's on me you see if it should be
that i'm dead & gone while you hear this song
the past lies
beneath the present
but the future is our gift
we must prepare to be aware
if we're ever gonna bridge this rift
my past lives
happened yesterday
and i think the day before
once more i see tomorrow
as something even more
& i can't wait to open the door [ it's gonna rain pt 2 - steve reich ]


I got hit by a poison dart
yo it musta stopped my heart
tearing my soul apart
brain starts to get real smart
i had an itch inside
seemed 50 miles wide
felt like they dipped my mind
inside formaldehyde
my head strarted getting numb

Rainbow Shift
I saw a rainbow up in the sky
flipped it around so the down was upside
took out my skateboard and went for a ride
part of the process of learning to fly
up high
I glide
& slide
the sky so wide
I decide to hide
a pot of gold on the other side

Raise Your Fist
You're just jerkin off the way you move that wrist
Cause we're not here to dis
I musta missed out
Too busy bein blissed out
you know what that means
ayyyyy...sit on it
with no vaseline
it's a little bit obscene
i'm a sexy m.f. (stands for microphone fiend)
Raise your hand up high
You ever smoke so much weed you thought you could fly?
These three little birds got some seeds from some guy
Who had an idea about i and i
Do you know what I mean when I say rotten rye?
Howbout blueberry pie?
do you swear to tell the truth
the whole truth
do you swear to understand
do you swear to stop working for the man
and start working for the land
how many of you are gonna follow this band
when i go on tour in japan?
Y'all are already in the show!
I know how that goes



i got fired
in the sky
its a bird
its a plane
its an ordinary guy
who learned how to fly
i was tired
fell asleep on the plane
dreamt that i was bruce wayne
or maybe bruce willis
what doesn't make us stronger's gonna kill us
are you jealous of my intellectual power
you know it's never now or
every single time
i'll take a lemon and lime
with my cup of slime
looking out the window pane
i see clouds below
they could be pouring rain
for all i know
i just gotta keep goin forward
keep goin with the flow
so what?
that's the smallest sack of nuts i've ever seen
looking at all the scenes
it's obscene
how little of it is still green
you know what I mean?
i fly sidewize through time
i can stop on a dime
reverse my mind's polarity
gives me a greater clarity
i couldn't do any of this without reason
from propellerhead
helicopters on my brain
and when the rain comes
you might as well be dead
i think i'll live up high instead

We gotta relax
before we all get a heart attack
We gotta be free
First thing you do is turn off that TV
We gotta get out
We want you to scream we want you to shout
We gotta incite
Get up and stand up and fight for your rights
We gotta rise up
We gonna drink from the holy cup
We gotta get down
Spraypaint our name all over town
We gotta be slick
Cause this shit is gonna be fuckin SICK

Slide Down the Drain
Got millions of brothers
test tube for a mother
I'm another
new worlds to discover
I was once told a secret
I promised it would never be revealed
but when you're out in the field
what's real?
interrogation gonna make you squeal
I remembered the plan
you wouldn't understand
it was a little sleight of hand
I picked up the last time I was in wonderland
Jumped down my brain
and I slipped out of the training
and what remained was
a pain with a rearranged drain?
the secret was leaked
and like little bo peep
I was out counting sheep
I was about to fall asleep with my eyes open
and I was hoping
to get my hands on a bar of soap and
slide down the drain
evaporate with the pouring rain
a rainbow
coming through your windowpane
yo kick the Coltrane

Space Cakes
Space cakes
a shot of the rye
four & twenty blackbirds
in a hippie pot pie
Space cakes
Get em while they're hot
We got the best space cakes
in the whole damn lot
Space cakes
They're out of this world
Got polka dot
stars stripes or da swirl
Space cakes
sold coast to coast
Got a crystalized egg &
made funky french toast
Space cakes
get a dozen & one
Slowly you spin
cause these space cakes will get you all spun
Space cakes
Only the best
put your mind to the test
then they'll give you a rest
Space cakes

I spied her
out of the corner of my eye
weaving her web of invisible lies
can I fly by without stepping inside?
Everywhere I look there's spiders
I catch a glimpse of their threads
shimmer & shine lines lead where they're led
stuck out in the rain my bearings got wet
like I said
like baking bread

I've been stabilized
more times than I'd realized
They steal lives
They stole mine
Got a notion of time
Come meet a pal of mine
Show you all the signs
To make up our mind
Now I'm feeling fine
Cause we redesigned
Then we realigned
And we redefined
Up and down our spine
I feel like cryin out to the whole world
I've been stabilized
When you get up
You know you gotta come down
My head in the clouds
I got my feet on the ground
Watch the whole world
as it goes spinning around
Wearing a crown
Although I feel like a clown
Trying so hard to
Turn that frown upside-down
Just another Monday morning
and I'm still up from last night
see the first rays of sunlight
and you know i'm feelin alright
Just another Sunday yawnin
And I'm still moving along
Trying to write the words to this song
Take another hit of the bong
Just another lonely sunrise
I think the whole world's still in bed
Shoot those headies into my head
Probably should be taking my meds

Subliminal Criminal
verse 2:
practically invisible
confuse me with the digital
one nation indivisible
going mental on the physical
belly fully of laughs
follow a zillion different paths
stretch up to the sun like a giraffe
i just started a new paragraph
but it's still the same chapter
and i'm looking for the map to
the forgotten rapture
it's a trap
i'm fillin in the gap
like a venus flytrap
i'd like to take a nap
but i'm not tired
even after all that's transpired
i'm the funky french fryer
made of telephone wire
when i think of all the beings that i've squired
a genetic quaqmire
i want to retire
acquire an empire
organic aquifier
thermonuclear purifier

We can start with a toke
cause i'm sittin here broke
light's still going though
i'm still flowin yo
cause i never seen a better lookin day in my life
sun shinin bright
and i'm smokin some spice
everything seems nice
but i'm starting to pay the price
rollin those dice
and making more music on this crystal device
sun shinin on my windowpane
reflecting on the back of my brain
sun shinin like the fourth of july
smilin at me from way up in the sky
moonshinin through the end of the night
my stomach hurts &
i don't feel quite right
moonshine is pourin deep in my gut
i hope it takes me out of this rut

Superior Shade
Found encrypted laser beams transmitting hidden messages to my alias
Updating files daily
it put his neural processor on its mailing list.
Uploading secret warez unstuffed to install secret wars.
Data from beyond travelling through secret passageways and hidden back doors.
Lift up that loose board in the floor and I'll show you a little trick that I picked up on tour.
Its something we used to do when we were bored
like when it started to pour and we all piled into our cars and trucks and buses and vans
tied a little bit of that hemp string to two empty tin cans.
Transmittin messages by land.
They used to do this in Japan
after the bombs gave them all a thermonuclear tan.
Now I threw some lentil soup on the burner cause we don't tolerate spam.
I had a plan to turn my clone into less of a puppet and more of a man.
My tin can transmittin messages made of pure sound.
Vibratin deep down beneath my carbon copy's crown.
I'm not allowin the powers that be illin on my pal and like the wolfman howlin'
I started my growlin'
Awaken the creature and start our a-prowlin'
Like the almighty shaolin
gonna find out who's responsible and make 'em throw the towel in.
And on the other end of the phone was a voice
at first it started out as a moan
and as it started to grow it got more of a flow
told me a little part of the information I was dying to know.
Lines of communication aren't flowin'
Get out my galoshes cause its snowin'
Rays of static in my ear link is broken.
Hit number three to insert the token.
Establish mind probe bootlegged from the Vulcans.
My brain is soakin' in rivers of molten.
Volcanoes flow with electrical joltin'
delivered indirectly from the sultan.
Now I feel like I've finally awoken.
Beginning the procedure of revolting.
Well I was quite pleased to hear that I had broken clear through
to the other side of my synthetic simulation's ear.
I felt like I had gotten right near the truth.
There was some sort of sattelite reciever embedded in that two-timer's tooth
and I would perhaps be better equipped to discard my tin can contraption
and set up shop in an abandoned telephone booth.
Like Clark Kent rushing to change & save Lois Lane
or like the man without an umbrella who's afraid of the pouring rain.
I tapped into the main switchboard and proceeded to drain
all the necessary power required to send a shock through my very own blood
which flowed through his veins,
but I realized that years of experimentation had rendered him completely insane...
that although we had shared the same brain
our thoughts were asymmetrically arranged
but that to change this strange creature
to let him roam free on the range
to set him loose from his cage
would completely enrage
and furthur estrange
those creators who had so carefully filled his head with barricades.
So I set up a blockade
Like a 100 year old tree in the way of the burning hot sun I created a system of superior shade.
Cooled down his brain like a cup of ten cent lemonade.
And as their signal started to fade
I was forced to persuade
My clone to join me on my next escapade
It would be a master charade
A kinetic photosynthetic multi-mechanical masquerade.
The terrifying mirror image renegades
First we'll invade!
We'll start our crusade with a raid!
If we do really well maybe they'll throw us a parade!

This is the Future
This is The Future
This is what you've been waiting for
your whole life


I hope you find tomorrow
I'll give you my spare key
Just give back what you borrowed
and have a drink on me

I saw the light disappear before my eyes
And to my surprise
I realized if you feel the vibes
You'll get one last chance to stay alive
I recognized that the kind is a state of mind
and I survived
& up in the sky
an angel started to fly
She disappeared
with the light of the moon
I was hanging out with this old school kid
He said that Dark Side sucks compared to Syd
He said if there's one thing I learned in this crazy world
it's stay the hell away from those Jersey girls
Well I found a couple more that crazy night
I guess I'll blame it on the lack of the moon-light

I wandered through the desert
felt like 400 years
all I brought was my nut sack
and a cooler full of beers
I had a boombox that was blasting Britney Spears
I went mad like King Lear
after the beer disappeared
all I had left to drink was my blood sweat & tears
I found a tick in my beard
I felt a prick in my ear
when I bumped into a cactus
I thought some headhunters with blowguns had attacked us
Everything went black
I thought I'd been whacked
by the Turkish mob
we used to pillage & rob together
I had a device to control the weather
so I made it rain
I mean I made it pour
I made the lightning flash
& the thunder roar
I made a tornado
swept away like Dorothy
made the whole earth my puppet
like Charlie McCarthy
I threw my voice
dropping bombs so smartly
I was burning and looting like my name was Bob Marley
But all that shit went down back the daze
It was just a phase

Now I saw myself through the crystal haze
There's a million ways to die
but this wasn't gonna be one
That cactus got me all spun
it only felt like I was all done
but it was only the beginning
my teeth were gritting & my lips were grinning
I passed out for a couple of minutes
when I woke up
the whole world was spinning
I got dizzy
shook up soda pop all fizzy
felt somewhat sorta schizzy cause a
bumblebee had buzzed bbbb-by and bbbb-bit me
so I got busy
made a new plan
I'd unite every woman and every single man
it was pretty grand
but you'd understand
if you were with me lying here half dead in the sand

I rode my board around town
& while I'm out getting down
some bitch tried to break in my window
I watched the Eagles kick ass
they musta been throwing a pass
while this bitch tried to get to my indo
I know this is gonna sound mean
but don't yell at me on my machine
when you know that I misplaced my cell phone
I feel like I'm under attack
I've smoked too much second hand crack
I don't think that counts as a sin though
I think I gotta go underground
Cause this shit starts to bringing me down
I feel like I live in a hell hole
Well I got people all around who pretend to know it all
Always shady changing colors cause the leaves began to fall
Got people telling me they seen me everywhere in town
I'm just like "why'd you decide to come up to me now?"
I'm sick of all the tricksters always trying to out-joke me
there's a gang of little girls acting like they can out smoke me
I puff from when I wake until the break a break a dawn
Yo I been smoking that shit since the day you was born
Only smoke the headies
just the finest weed
been a decade since I saw a seed

Vampire Bats From Hell

They swoop down
and spin around
fly up and down
they're vampire bats
from hell
They'll suck you dry
and take you up into the sky
they're vampire bats from hell
They'll steal your soul

Where'd your mind go?
I guess it went out the window.
Well, what do I know?
I guess I don't got all of the info
I dunno...
Can you hear it?
I say we gotta get in a spirit
A celebration
We're gonna take a little vacation...
(We're gonna sail away on a ship on the sea and we'll see...)
On a journey...
(...all the places in the world where people want to be free)
I heard it was called higher learning!
Every nation
(that's you and me and he and she and we oui oui)
is gonna feel the ---- vibration
Where'd your soul go?
I think it disappeared with the ozone
What's the ozone?
Who's in the ozone?

Working for Buddha
(like Rakim said I'm a microphone fiend)
It's not easy being green in a world full of darkness
I once knew a witch named Agatha Harkness
handed me a glass and said hey spark this
she -uh- made a magick potion
to defy the laws of motion
when we were done our tokin
we were in another...dimension
did i forget to mention that this happened in the future?
well i got the munchies and she called me a moocher
i ate all the chips in the computer
i ain't got no money cause i'm working for buddha
working for buddha

Took 40 years to find our way out of the desert
now let the people come together in harmony
Join the free-punk army
& it's like doing all the drugs in the pharmacy
I went back in time with Bill & Ted & we got stoned with Fred & Barney
I'm an ancient swami playing hide the salami
I must be a goddamned commie
cause I think you're all mindless zombies
you're blinder than Tommy
if you think the shit your mommy told you was true
first word I ever wrote was zoo
now I got a funky pouch like a kangaroo
I want to get a crazy doo like Gary Spivey
I gonna listen to Bob Marley & Livey Up Myself
getting baked with the Keebler Elves
we stepped outside ourselves for a minute