hippiehop news

I have a story appearing in Modern Tales Longplay starting June 2. It's called You Aren't Allowed To Think That Way. This is a pay site, but it's only $2.95 a month, and you get my story and dozens, if not hundreds of other comics.

my look away graphic novel is now available through Cold Cut Distribution, featured in their new "Channel X" catalog. It will be in comic book stores throughout the country in April 2003. Retailers can e-mail me for a free preview copy.

I've started work on the sequel, look again.

I helping Doc Banar produce a Jiu Jitsu DVD. Here's the intro in QuickTime format. <-new!

Here's an album cover I'm working on. <-new!

I'm working with two artists on a few really interesting projects. We'll have sample art and more info soon!

There's also a black and white zine-style story called book of revelation in the works.